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August, 3rd, 2017

VP Capital Q&A regarding the withdrawal of the application to National Bank of Ukraine for a permission to acquire Sberbank PJSC (Ukraine).

Why have you decided not to buy the Ukrainian subsidiary of Sberbank? What happened?
I have decided to withdraw VP Capital’s application to acquire Sberbank PJSC (Ukraine) in order to focus on my other investments and the many projects I have in the pipeline. After careful consideration, I’ve decided that focusing on VP Capital’s other investments in AI is the best use of my time right now. Acquiring the subsidiary of an international bank is obviously a time-consuming, complicated process. I still think it’s a great opportunity, but I’ve decided to focus my attention on the many other projects I have in the works at this time.

Was your application rejected?
No. I decided to withdraw my application.

Are you doing this because you weren’t going to receive regulatory approval?
No. I decided to withdraw the application for my own personal reasons – namely, to focus on my many other investments and projects.

Does this have anything to do with Said’s application being rejected?
No. My application had nothing to do with Said, and my decision to withdraw my application had nothing to do with him either.

What will happen to Sberbank in the Ukraine?
I am confident that Sberbank has a great future ahead. I have always thought that this a great company, with great infrastructure and exciting opportunities. But for me, at this time, I have decided to focus on my other investments and projects in AI.

Are you no longer buying Paritetbank?
Paritetbank will continue to be owned by the Republic of Belarus.

Would you be interested in buying Sberbank, Paritetbank or other banks in the future?
I’m not going to get into that. I’m always going to be open to interesting investment opportunities, at the right time.

What are the other investments/projects that you will focus on?
I am involved in a wide range of investments and projects, including the Capital Com fintech mobile app that just launched earlier this month, as well as Banuba, developing augmented reality mobile apps.

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