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September 10, 2021

VP Capital invests in new education-focused project developed by dev media

10 September 2021. VP Capital has announced today that it has invested US$500,000 in the international media company, dev media.

The funds will be used to roll out a new media project focused on education aimed at international audiences that will launch in Autumn 2021. The new venture will support IT specialists to strengthen their professional competencies, develop new skills, and help those interested in starting and growing a career in IT.

VP Capital, a London-based global investment vehicle focused on the technology sector, has reinforced its partnership with dev media by further supporting the company’s growth. In 2017 VP Capital invested US$500,000 into dev.by, a media platform that is part of the dev media group, through a convertible notes agreement.

Artiom Kontsevoi, dev.by and dev media founder said:
— “We believe that the additional financial resources that VP Capital has invested in dev media will cement the company’s platforms’ roles as fundamental players in the Belarus IT community. For example, in 2021, dev.by, part of the dev media group, strengthened its position as the leading IT media outlet in Belarus. The company’s monthly audience has grown from 170,000 users to 1 million. The portal’s daily audience grew to 60,000. Media is constantly profitable”.

Viktor Prokopenya, VP Capital founder said:
— “We admire the success that dev.by, part of the dev media group, reached as an independent media outlet over the last 10 years. We are excited to be a part of this success story. We strongly support IT education in all its forms and promote IT career development opportunities. We believe that supporting education is an investment in the future of the country. For this reason, it is important to us that our investments bring a positive impact to the society. It is impossible to imagine a modern and developed society without media.”

All editorial teams which are part of the media group are self-governing and are guided by independent editorial policies (by, ua) and by international journalism ethics and standards as well as applicable domestic legislation.

Editorial teams work in the best interests of their readers and Belarus’s IT community and do not serve corporate interests of any company.

VP Capital

VP Capital is a global investment vehicle focused on the technology sector, founded in 2012. VP Capital’s investments focus on fintech, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Active portfolio investments include Currency.com, Capital.com, Banuba and Facemetrics. VP Capital invests actively, working closely with entrepreneurs and their teams to drive growth and innovation. For more information, please visit: vpcapital.com


Founded in 2008, dev.by is an online media platform focused on Belarus’s IT industry. The editorial team publishes news, features, investigations and analytical articles which are important for the Belarus’s IT industry. dev.by is read and trusted by over a million unique visitors monthly.

dev media

dev media is an international media group founded by Artem Kontsevoi. The media group includes the online media platforms dev.by (Belarus) and dev.ua (Ukraine).