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15 Dec 2016

Viktor Prokopenya and Said Gutseriev Invest $100 Million in Artificial Intelligence Projects

MINSK – 15 December 2016 – VP Capital, founded by Viktor Prokopenya, and Said Gutseriev’s Larnabel Ventures, have today announced their latest partnership venture. The investors have together committed $100 million to various European projects that are applying artificial intelligence.

Mr. Prokopenya underlines, "AI and programming keep changing the way we live and use computers and mobile devices. My career path has always been tied with artificial intelligence. Almost all the companies I’ve been related to use AI in some way or another. I’m sure I’ll keep walking this path. I’m very enthusiastic about cooperating with the Gutserievs. It will be very fruitful, I have no doubts about that."

Said Gutseriev, in turn, said, "We find AI to be a promising investment opportunity and we keep funding IT technologies projects. Viktor has considerable experience in this sphere. I’m very excited to pool our backgrounds and I’m sure we’ll arrive at the most brilliant solutions."

About VP Capital

Founded by Viktor Prokopenya, VP Capital is a global investment vehicle focused on the technology sector. Past investments include Viaden Media, a leading online mobile app developer founded by Mr. Prokopenya and sold in 2012, and exp(capital), a market making company that Mr. Prokopenya founded in 2012. For more information, please visit https://vpcapital.com.

About Larnabel Ventures

Larnabel Ventures invests in the information technology sector.

For more information, please contact: [email protected].